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Progress - 25nl
  Gigabeef, Mar 25 2011

As in I've managed to remove all of it...

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Poker is swingy! Especially when I don't play that many hands per month. Was hoping to reach $1k by the end of this month/start of next month but instead got a bit demolished. I don't think that I am playing too badly for the most part, but maybe 1/3 of my big losing hands have been questionable... so it's not great really.

Set over set ruins all the fun :D

So basically I'd like to see what others think of some of these spots:

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Not really a great value board, can I bet the river? Not sure if villain will call it off with anything that I beat other than JJ.

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How much to bet on the river?

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Guy's so bad but I'm really not sure where I'm at.


gl everyone, hope things pick up from here!


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25nl shot
  Gigabeef, Feb 01 2011

Just a quick update.

Weeeell I cleared the Iron man bonus (got $75 or something) and made $40 in a freeroll thing for rakeback, so I felt comfortable to take a 25nl shot!

...Didn't go so well. This is the 25nl only graph for the last week of me doing mostly 25nl without the bit of 10nl here and there when there were no decent 25nl games, with required allin ev for extra whine, now in orange!

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well at least my redline is breakeven had some pretty sucky hands, but nevermind, gotta keep on going! I am pretty small volume too so it takes me ages to get anywhere Back to 10nl for now I think, regrind and reshot.

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  Gigabeef, Dec 12 2010

Not as I'd hoped

That's a lot of swing in not that many hands... lol, sometimes I seem to get in this annoying place where I get 3bet 10-15% pre and ppl raise my flop cbets all the time... It's funny how much mindset can change when going down instead though, just trying to not let it affect me and do my best to sort this shit out.

Hey at least I'm up right?

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